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Cenkon spring banquet performance “Advance 2016—Travel Together · Make Progress Together” ended successfully!


      On April 8, 2016, Cenkon spring banquet was held as scheduled. Taking “Advance 2016—Travel Together · Make Progress Together” as the theme, the spring banquet aimed at working together with employees and customers for common development as the global economic development slowed down. 

      After the wonderful performance in the beginning, Mr. Zhu Hong, general manager of Cenkon, made a speech Analysis of Cenkon Strategy and Operation Environment in 2016 and conducted systematic analysis on economic situations of the world and China as well as the development status of cosmetic industry. He reviewed the advantages and disadvantages of Cenkon’s development strategy in the past five years and proposed the core goal in 2016.

 general manager making a speechGeneral manager making a speech

Please appreciate our employees’ performances:

獨唱歌曲“像夢一樣自由”The solo “As Free as a Dream”

催淚小品“爸爸爸爸爸爸”The touching sketch “Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad” 

“環保時裝秀”時尚與環保完美結合A perfect combination of “Fashion Show for Environmental Protection” and Environmental Protection

小品“洗腳”演繹偉大父愛The sketch “Footbath” to show great love from father

懷舊經典“友情歲月”The sketch “Days of Friendship”

“小矮人舞蹈”創意別出Creative “Dwarf’s Dance”


Crazy imitation show sketch “The Voice of Cenkon”


The songs remix “New Song of Peony”, a combination of rap and traditional dance

總經理朱洪先生傾力獻唱“旅行”The song “Travel” by Mr. Zhu Hong (general manager)

      The special guests attending the spring banquet included Infinitus (China) Company Ltd., Hubei BEDOOK Bio-Tech Co., Ltd., Sanya Rose Valley Aiwei Industrial Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Tongchuang Trade Co., Ltd., etc.  

      Cenkon has always been adhering to the strategic goal of “providing natural and healthy products, alleviating consumers’ pains and improve life quality with advanced technology and unique efficacies”. In the future, Cenkon will adhere to this goal and join hands with all employees to provide consumers and partners with excellent products.